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DNA Battles confronts the establishment-science narrative that modern humans came into existence hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Click HERE to see the video in a larger format.

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DNA Battles is a documentary produced by Evidence Press, published in the summer of 2018.  This film takes on the subject of DNA mutations (nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA).  [Read More]

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Dr. Timothy Gilmour wrote a thorough and well documented analysis of — were Adam and Eve historical?  His paper, Genetics and Genesis is a reflection of having seen Dr. Dennis Venema speak on the topic of his book, Adam and the GenomeYou can read Dr. Gilmour’s paper here.  For those who are looking for more scientific clarification of the arguments this paper is exceptionally helpful.

Jeanson Science

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EvidencePress The following is from an Evidence Press YouTube discussion. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5wv3GFR0yg It is an interview Jim Bendewald completed with Nathaniel Jeanson.  [Read More]

DNA Battles Review

A brand-new DVD documentary demolishes the deceptive claims of Biologos


Jim Bendewald

Jim Bendewald is the founder and director of Evidence Press. His ministry focuses on film production on the topic of creation versus evolution for evangelistic purposes.  Read more . . .




DNA Battles is a documentary about the science of DNA mutations and its implications on Adam and Eve and effects on the integrity of the Bible.  [Read More]