DNA Battles is a documentary about the science of DNA mutations and its implications on Adam and Eve and effects on the integrity of the Bible.   With seven scientists and two theologians interviewed this 1-hour documentary is compact and needed for today’s modern controversy over the existence of Adam and Eve.   A common expression among Christians is that they don’t feel creation is of critical importance.  DNA Battles takes on this attitude with full force.  If you care about the Bible, if you care about what Jesus said, if you care about the integrity of scripture, please watch DNA Battles.  You will be surprised, amazed and challenged!

DNA Battles was directed by Jim Bendewald and produced by Evidence Press, Inc.  We are a non-profit 501c3 organization who reveals through video evidence for creation.  Jim Bendewald and Evidence Press have also produced Testing Evolution:  Exposing Flaws.   In 2017 we produced with the Creation Research Society the award winning documentary, Echoes of the Jurassic.  To learn more go to www.EvidencePress.com