Essence of DNA Battles


DNA Battles is a documentary produced by Evidence Press, published in the summer of 2018.  This film takes on the subject of DNA mutations (nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA).   DNA is genetic data that can be empirically measured and verified.  Evolutionists claim that psuedogenes or “false genes” provide ample evidence that humans are here as a result of evolution of common descent from our evolutionary ancestors.  The book, Adam and the Genome (produced and promoted by Biologos) is prominently presented in the documentary representing the evolution view.  As seen in DNA Battles their claims are hollow — based on what they call psuedogenes are “defective” and “are genetic ‘fossils’ in our DNA.”  However, Nathaniel Jeanson and Jeffery Tomkins reveal that these genes are in fact functional and therefore are not as the evolutionists claim.

The vast majority of evidence favoring evolution is founded in the assumption that evolution is true.  Once that assumption is removed, evolution loses the battle over evidence.  In addition to the above, an example of this is the evidence surrounding DNA mutations in mitochondria — the powerhouse of the cell.   You must watch the documentary to get the details but suffice it to say, it is a fascinating journey.  It is a journey that specifically points to how long people have lived on Earth.

The documentary also takes time to explore the implications of the existence of Adam and Eve.  Were they real people?  Were they the original people or were they part of a population?  A recent book, Adam and the Genome produced and promoted by Biologos strongly purports that Adam and Eve were part of a population or were not real at all.  What does this mean theologically?  Does it matter if Adam and Eve were real?  DNA Battles explores this intensely fierce battle in the Christian world.

We invite you to be a part the discussion.  If you have not yet done so, purchase a copy of DNA Battles now.  If you are ready to discuss the issues go to our forum to add your voice.

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